Impact Innovation in Ireland, and SDG Alpha

As some of you might be aware, over the past few months I’ve been digging deeper into the area of innovation for impact, to better understand the opportunities and challenges for organisations and communities regarding their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) activities, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) particularly. Increasingly, I’m really interested in innovation projects that create what I’m starting to refer to as “SDG Alpha” — that is, innovation that transforms the ability of an individual, company, or an entire industry to achieve an SDG target. More on this at a later stage, but it’s a continuation of the research I began when profiling Irish startups who are aligned with the SDGs.

There’s an absolute torrent of information being created and shared every day that relates to sustainability, and it can be a challenge to identify what’s the most meaningful and useful — there’s most definitely a lot of impact washing taking place. I wanted to share a couple of interesting articles, events, resources, and opportunities that I’ve stumbled across over the last few days — especially those most relevant to the Irish ecosystem. If you find them helpful (or otherwise), please let me know in the comments — and if there’s something in particular you think I should have included, just shout!

In no particular order:

That’s it for this first update. Share, and enjoy!



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David Scanlon

David Scanlon


Earthling. Director at Resolve Partners . Ex- @entirl , ex- @StartupGrindDUB , ex- @ndrc_hq . Fan of community, serendipity, Oxford commas, & the open sea.